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John Troutman

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The Power of 100

Finding 100 books to resell is not going to change your life.  But consistently sourcing 100 books EVERY WEEK over the course of several months has the potential to grow into something meaningful.

Hi, I'm Caleb Roth, founder of  My journey into reselling books on Amazon started in 2014 with my own 100 book challenge.  This journey began as side hustle as I continued to work at my day job.  By reinvesting all of my profits back into the book business, I was able to grow the business quickly.  After six months, I increased my sourcing goal to 200 books a week, and soon thereafter increased it again to 300 books a week.  After nearly a year of building this side business, I was able to quit my day job and pursue bookselling as a full-time venture.

Now it's your turn.  Join the 100 book challenge and watch your side hustle grow.  If 100 books a week sounds too big (or too small!), pick a number that works for you.  The key is to source consistently, for several months in a row.

Matthew and John are two booksellers who have accepted the challenge.  They have different stories and different sourcing methods, but both of them have the same goals over the next 90 days:

* Source and list 100 books each week
* Reach $10,000 in sales within 90 days
* Reach $10,000 in profits by the end of the year from books sourced during this challenge

Learn more about Matthew and John below.  They will be sharing their actual numbers with weekly updates, emails, and social media posts.

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Whether you're looking to pay off debt, save up for a vacation, buy a pet shark, or eventually quit your day job, this 90-day challenge is where it all begins. Are you up for the challenge?


P.S. Share your own story on social media with the hashtag #the100bookchallenge.

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Matthew Osborn
Matthew Osborn

My name is Matthew and I'm taking on the 100 book challenge as a side hustle while I continue working full-time as a marketer. I will be focusing my efforts on local libraries, thrift stores, and library sales during the next 90 days.

Every week I will be uploading a video reviewing my progress, sharing my numbers, and letting you know what is and is not working on my Youtube channel linked to below. Subscribe there to get updates as I send them out and please follow along with me on your own 100 book challenge and let's build a 10k Amazon business is 90 days.

Matthew Osborn Website
John Troutman

I'm John Troutman, a full-time seminary student, and I will be doing the 100 book challenge during the week on the two days I have off from school.

I've been selling on Amazon for about two years now and it has been my full-time income for the past 6 months.

I get my books through a modified bulk arrangement I have set up with a local thrift store where I buy them by the gaylord.

Follow my progress below on social media or subscribe to my Youtube channel to get my weekly update videos.